Victory Lap careers are post retirement careers.  Also known as Encore Careers, they are not hobbies, or volunteer work.  Those are great but separate.  Victory Lap Publishing was created to support the continuing creative endeavours of our never retiring leader, Tom Panzone, his family and friends.  The focus is on writing and publishing meaningful works.    

Tom Panzone Sr, editor in chief, is a free-lance observer, profiler and commentator with a mostly liberal bias.  His broad background in education and commerce informs his opinions.  His passion for politics drives his current endeavour.  Tom is based in Canada.

Tom Panzone Jr., Blogger, is an irreverent writer with a flair for speculation.  He enjoys writing stories that "connect the dots" in a creative fashion. Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction.  

Annie Panzone is our Editor in Chief.  She makes sure that her formal grammar training, education and business experience remain relevant, even in today's relaxed vernacular.  Annie works exclusively for Victory Lap Publishing.

Nick Santabelli, is our versatile, creative webmaster.

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