"Hello everyone, I'm converting my FRONT PAGES ONLY to a full tabloid with 4 pages or more. The Cover will set he theme. You'll also note that I have also started a new Professor Panzone Classroom version focused on teaching readers about pet subjects. Story ideas are welcome.

As usual, I like to be brief.  My purpose is to inform busy folks about what's going on in the world around us.  I will still tweet one-page stories on events of the day.  My approach is more attractive and creates more interest. As usual, I like to reflect on what dominates the news, these days it’s mostly Trump and Trudeau. Anything speculative will be identified as such.  I'll always be giving you food for thought. Have fun and speak out. Tom Panzone

The Flip-book tabloid below may be slow to open. You can read the PDF version instead.  Predictions on Page 3 are 100% accurate. 

Panzone Tabloid - Fascism vs Democracy O
Panzone Special Edition - VOTE NO - Sobe
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September 22 - What is Dementia.jpg
September 21 - Supremes 2018.jpg
September 20 - Missing Kavanaugh Docs.jp
September 18 - Hatch is Senile.jpg
September 6 - FINALLY.jpg
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September 4 - Trump's America.jpg
September 3 - New Team America.jpg
September 5 - TRADE WAR.jpg
September 4 - Adios NAFTA.jpg
September 1 - Kill NAFTA.jpg
August 29 - Why Canadian milk is better.
NAFTA is TOAST - August 28.jpg
August 28 - Canada can Pull the Plug on
August 28 - Size Matters.jpg
Will Incest-Shame Finally Get Trump - Au
John McCain dies - August 25.jpg
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Trump may Resign - August 24.jpg
August 24 - Ali - Trump Match.jpg
August 23 - XENA is back.jpg
Aug 20 - Knock Him Out.jpg
August 21 - Wonder Woman Omarosa - on Ma
Aug 12 - Pelosi for Speaker.jpg
Aug 11 - Fighting Fire with Fire.jpg
Aug 9 - Where are Canada's Friends.jpg
Aug 7 - Saudis Stay Home.jpg
Aug 8 - Trumpiticus Ist.jpg
Aug 3 - Whatever happened to America.jpg
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